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Greetings, Internet!

My name is Fiona and if you are reading this, you have stumbled upon a small space where I write content pertaining to films (or as you Americans like to call them; movies) and series. My slightly unhealthy relationship with Netflix inspired me to start this blog in 2015.

Films have always fascinated me - the story, the cinematography, the acting... the whole world of cinema, I guess. I have learned so much by simply watching movies, like how to artfully write an enticing story, how to use a camera to tell the story, the importance of visual metaphors, and much, much more. 

As I personally judge a person 's character partly by asking them what they like to watch, I'll let my list of films / series do the work for me:

Favourite films at the moment:

  • American Beauty
  • Mr. Nobody
  • The Giant Mechanical Man
Favourite series at the moment:
  • Mr. Robot
  • Sense8
  • Black Mirror
  • Big Little Lies

Writing reviews on this platform has helped me as a writer immensely, not just in developing my writing style, but also because it means I have to pay closer attention to the little things, elements overseen or forgotten. In short, I have learned how to properly analyze film and formulate my thoughts.

My fondness of writing not just reviews and summaries, but also poetry, essays, articles and short stories (some posted on my personal blog, Questions From A Teenager) has inspired me to pursue two distinct goals:

1) write a book in my lifetime
2) write a script for a short story and film / produce it

I also co-host to a fan site dedicated to the NBC series Grimm, so if you're a fan, definitely check it out for exciting updates from the Grimm community. Click here to pay a visit. 

Personal Blog
As previously mentioned, I own a personal blog which is my creative outlet.
Questions From A Teenager is my therapy, my escape from the world, the place where I release my thoughts without restrictions. If you would like to get to know more about me, then I would recommend checking out my personal blog, as the whole platform is simply me

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