"Grimm: Dark Legacy" - Multiplayer PC-game Prequel to NBC's "Grimm"

Well hello there Grimmsters! I recently wrote a post about "Grimm: Dark Legacy" on Grimm Fan, as I co-publish on the fan site. So if you're a fan of the show, definitely head over there and explore the site! I dug up some new information about the PC game, so I thought I would share it with you guys on here. 

Before we begin however, I would like to remind all of you of the low live views NBC's Grimm has been receiving - every view counts! So if you have access, please watch the episode the day it comes out on the NBC channel! Grimm's future could depend on it! The show is lucky, that it has such a immense fan base (this was the main reason for a Season 5 renewal), but we still need to make sure it will survive further seasons! Show some support!

The game

"Grimm:Dark Legacy" is a MMO (massively multiplayer online), which is currently in development by Artplant. There will be no single-player mode available. Beta sign-ups are already open on the official website (click here to visit) and the game will be launched mid-2016. The game will be free and is mainly a survival game, also featuring "tactical survival combat", cooperative multiplayer experiences, exploration and missions. The game will be set centuries before the TV-show's setting, but is still heavily based on NBC's Grimm. In the game, players will be Grimms and will be encouraged to explore the ancient world while completing missions (to receive awards), fighting Wesen and trying to stay alive. Players will also have several options regarding weapons and abilities. 

As for now, no screenshots or gameplay videos have been released. 
Stay tuned for more information regarding Grimm!


Couples Counseling: Jasper and Eleanor / THE ROYALS

Welcome to the third edition of Couples Counseling! Today's session will be with one of the most complicated couples out there (and all couples I give advice to tend to be a giant maze filled with seemingly unsolvable riddles and puzzles just waiting to be cracked) - Jasper and Eleanor from The Royals! Now I know what some of you are thinking. Who are they? Well, they're a party princess and a shady bodyguard full of sexual and emotional tension. And I'm here today to give the two some game changing advice. But first, let's break down some simple facts about their relationship.

Jasper is Eleanor's bodyguard and he started off innocent enough, but pretty soon we got to see his true colours. (not that they are negative in any way) He blackmailed the princess in order to keep his job and pulled a lot of "benefits" from doing so. It was clear from the very start that there was some sort of attraction between them, the tension growing even bigger as their relationship "blossomed" / developed. In Season 1, their relationship was based on the blackmail and to the end we got to see some real feelings, but in Season 2, shit just started getting real. Now, there is no doubt that they love each other. But why aren't they not together then?

After the Season 2 finale, their fait as a couple is unknown. For all we know, Eleanor might have taken her wish, that Jasper leaves and never comes back, back and forgiven him. The look that she gave him in the last few seconds in the finale was enough to make any fan of theirs jump around like a maniac. But for now, let's label their relationship as officially "complicated". Here's why:

1.) Jasper slept with the Queen. As cruel as that sounds, he didn't really have a choice when you think about it. The risks were too high. But still, anyone else than HER MOTHER please. 

2.) He came to the palace from Vegas to rob the royal family. He lied about his past and his motives. We all know Eleanor has trust issues. 

3.) She has drug and alcohol problems. Like seriously Eleanor, get help. It would be tragic if the princess went down as an overdose victim. She's kind of a tough person to handle - but then again, Jasper was her bodyguard for six months (record!) and was able to keep her in line... most of the time anyway. 

4.) What would the people think? This is a tricky question because in The Royals, there are two kinds of people: The mighty and the "commoners". What will that do to her image? Will she still be known as the never ending party girl/royal beaver or will people start to get a glimpse of the side of Eleanor we all have gotten to know and love about her? I'll leave it to you to answer that one. Could Jasper keep up with Eleanor's life as her publicly known boyfriend? 

5.) Eleanor's recent break up with none other than Jaspers ex-girlfriend, Samantha. The fact that Samantha too came for the jewels and left when the robbery didn't go as planned will only add to Eleanor's instability. She might not be emotionally ready to pursue another relationship (even though she technically already had one with Jasper)

6.) The scandal. Is there even time for romance right now, now that King Simon's killer has finally been revealed? What will happen next?

7.) The betrayal. So much has happened. So much will happen. If The Royals has taught me one thing, it's that their lives will never get boring. Wherever the royals go, drama tags along. 

My final advice as Jaspenor's couples councellor for the day: Eleanor needs time to heal. As much as I love you Jasper, give her space. She needs to process all opt the recent events. You can stay in the shadows and be there for her (I know you'll always have her back) but you two need to establish that foundation of trust again - and that takes time.

As always I would like to hear your thoughts on the matter. Can it work between them or has too much gone down? Is Jasper Eleanors' prince charming? Will a relationship between them be toxic? Can their passion lead to failure? 
Tell me what you think in the comment section below or on Twitter.

And so, this session comes to an end. If you have any specific wishes for the next couple, let me know! Check out my previous Couples Counseling posts and make sure to tell me your opinion!

I have decided to feature a fan video for every couple I write about, so here's my pick for Jaspenor:

Credit goes to melprodz on Youtube!


Stitchers Season 2 Sneak Peek: CAMERON IS ALIVE!



Can you even function after this bomb? I just sat there, glued to my chair for about one minute. And is it just me, or has Kirsten developed some kind of feelings? They always made us believe that with her condition of temporal dysplasia she only could feel emotions when she stitched into someone else's body, their memories and the emotions attached to them transferring to her.  But that scene... wow. She was crying. She was destroyed. And she was basically flooding his chest (not that I object to that and I doubt Cameron has a problem with that either)

After this long wait I am happy that Freeform decided to share this scene with us and fresh up our memories on all of what went down in Season 1. If you would like to read a more detailed summary on the Season 1 finale, click here!

The second Season of Stitchers returns on March 22nd, 10/9c on Freeform. 

Questions for you: 

Well Stitchers fans, what did you think? Were you surprised that Cameron made it? What are your thoughts/concerns for the second Season? How happy are your little fangirl (and boy) hearts right now? Tell me in the survey (top corner, righthand side) , the comment section below or tell me what you think via Twitter!


Couples Counseling: Clarke and Lexa / THE 100

Hello and welcome to the second edition of the special Valentine's Day themed series "Couples Counseling" on my blog. Today's session will be with a rather complicated pair, one, that has fought for life or death (literally). There is something undeniable between them, even if recent events have betrayed one more than the other, making this a very complex relationship. Nevertheless, feelings can't simply be snuffed out - the flame is still burning, even if its' light is faint. With that being said, it is a great honour to be discussing Clexa's relationship with you. Please feel free to join this debate and share your thoughts. 

As always, I'm assuming most of you readers are very up-to-date on what's currently going on in The 100. Season 3 has started of strong with all of our favourite characters back, once again letting us accompany them on their exciting and dangerous journey on the ground. The end events in the Season 2 finale left Clarke devastatingly broken, which made my heart shatter into a million pieces. Unable to face the pain of what she had to do in order to save her people, Clarke is torn between the world of right and wrong, black and white, courageous and monstrous and leaves camp Jaha to embark on a trip, even she doesn't know the destination to. 

In the Season 3 premiere we get an overview of what has been going on, the most important fact being that Clarke is being hunted by everyone. In the most recent episode, Clarke faces Lexa for the first time since Lexa made a deal with the Mountain Men, leaving Clarke with no other choice than to terminate everyone in Mount Weather and as you can imagine, it didn't go very well. Lexa claims that she saved Clarke from the Ice Queen, who wants Clarke's powers, by having her captured by bounty hunter Roan, the prince of the Ice Nation who was banished and hopes that Clarke will assure him the lift of his banishment (which Lexa can provide him as the commander of the 12 clans). All this occurs, while the thin line between peace and war is starting to fade and war is on the verge of breaking out again. Oh my oh my...

Back to Clarke and Lexa, there are some key points about Clexa's relationship that make things very complicated that I would like to address:

1.) The betrayal. That was the season 2 theme, building up more pain and the destruction than in the first season. Lexa did betray Clarke, like it or not, even if it was for her people. Who says Clarke wouldn't have done the same thing? Lexa pushed Clarke into a position, Clarke wasn't ready to deal with. How could she justify her actions? Even if she saved her people, she took innocent lives to achieve it. And we all know how Clarke feels about war. Her efforts restored peace (or something close to it). The confrontation in the last episode alone was enough to show us how Clarke feels about the whole situation. She ran from her problems, but like always, they caught up with her. They even outran her. Clarke is the one thing standing between peace and war - that, Lexa, and the Ice Nation. 

2.) They are from different worlds. As we got to see in Season 2, both leaders are used to dealing in different ways. The circumstances under wich they grew up are very important in this area. Although they did learn a lot from each other, being introduced into the other's world, both sides faced inner conflicts and most of the time and bigger problems arose. Just take Mount Weather as an example. Or the time both of them fled from the bombing, leaving  a great deal of their people dead or injured. The ground changed Clarke. Lexa changed Clarke. War changed Clarke.

3.) Lexa needs Clarke. She said so herself. War is brewing and everyone can need all the allies they can get. Clarke is known as Wanheda and feared by all grounders. Lexa knows how valuable the illusion of Wanheda's powers is. Although she claims that she captured Clarke for Clarke's own safety from the Ice Queen, I can't help but feel suspicious; Lexa always has an ulterior motive.  

4.) Bellamy and Clarke. Ah, I'm guessing that a few of you here are Bellarke shippers. It would be foolish not to bring up the two. They're best friends, partners (in crime), but could there also be more between them? Bellamy does have a girlfriend right now, but that reunion was full of emotion. I'm just going to leave it at that. If they ever do explore the possibility of romance between Bellamy and Clarke, it will certainly be an interesting avenue. I have nothing against it, but I do think it's an area that would have to be explored very slowly and carefully, as so much is to be lost if their relationship doesn't work out. 

5.) Clarke and the new girl, Niylah. We also can't simply ignore the fact that Clarke had a very hot one night stand with someone. What if the writers will bring her back into the picture?

6.) Clarke and her people. As much as Clarke deserves a happy life full of love, she has to dabble very carefully when it comes to her future. As we saw in the last episode, a lot of sky people don't treat the grounders with respect, like Clarke does. If she were to engage in a romantic relationship with a grounder, it would sure cause some type of outrage with her people. The same goes for Lexa and her people. Her risk is even greater as the commander of all 12 clans. What's to say that the Ice Nation won't turn Lexa's people against her because of her romantic interest?

7.) There's a lot at stake - obviously. A potential war means no distractions. And as much as I hate to be the one to portray love as a weakness, Clarke and Lexa would have a big disadvantage in war, as they already have to worry about their people. If something happens to the one of them, it's an easy way to bring the other to her knees. 

My final advice as Clexa's couples counsellor for the day: Be very careful. With you two, everything you do reflects on your people and can potentially endanger them. For now, Clarke has to find a way to come to terms with what Lexa did. She has to forgive her and to accept the circumstances under which Lexa did what she did. I can't say if they will ever be able to go back to the way things were, because right now, Clarke will do everything in her power to hurt Lexa. I think we all heard those death threats at the end of Wanheda part 2. And Lexa has to cool down. Seríously. Kidnapping someone you had a relationship-isch thing with is not cool.  Even if it was in order to save her. 

What would you advise Clexa? 
Can they make it, or has the past destroyed the little chance at a relationship they had? 
Are the risks to high? 
Does love conquer all, even danger? 

Let me know what you think in the comment section below or on Twitter!

That sums up my feelings and concerns about Clexa. I hope I was able to give you an overview of their relationship and inspire you to think about your own advice you would give the pair. Thanks for reading the second session of Couples Counseling!

Side note (I just can't help myself): I just have to ask all of you - What do guys think about Clarke and Roan? I know they don't know each other very well, but for some reason I am fond of Roan and believe there is a lot under his thick shell. I am actually starting to ship them, believe it or not. 

Click here to watch the season 3 Clexa reunion and Clarke's scenes with Roan! 
"Looks like the great Wanheda is human after all." - Roan

3x03 "Ye who enter here" discussion

Wow. It looks like we are going to be hit with a few other bombshells.

"I want your people to become my people."

Lexa wants to extend the number of clans under her command by ruling over the sky people too. 

"I will never bow to you" - Clarke 

Roan has some kind of plan. A plan he shares with Clarke. He wants revenge. On who? He wants to kill her. Who? Could he mean Lexa? 

"I want revenge." "You want to kill her? *nods*" 

I have decided to feature a fan video for every couple I write about, so here's my pick for Clexa: 

(Credit goes to Girl_of_my_Own on Youtube!)

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Couples Counseling: Nick and Adalind / GRIMM

February: the second month of the year and the month of showing love. In other words: Valentine's day is coming up. What time of the year is more perfect than February to discuss some of the best couples on television? So, I would like to welcome you to the first Couples Counseling session of this February: Nadalind.

I assume that most of you have seen the latest Grimm episode that premiered on January 29. And if you are like me, a fangirl (or boy) that has been wanting Nadalind to happen for forever, then there's a 100% chance you are still freaking out over this first kiss like I am. Seriously, my Twitter feed is like a Nadalind bomb right now. So let's break this down, shall we?

The moments leading up to the kiss are basically this:

-Nick tells Adalind Juliette is alive
-Adalind freaks out
-Trubel leaves
-Nick freaks out
-Nick and Adalind have coffee
-Adalind apologises for everything she did to Nick
-Both of them agree that they wouldn't change the fact that they have Kelly
-More tension
-Sexy and questioning looks are exchanged
-Deep looks into each others eyes
-Adalind takes the hint and leans forward
-Chemistry, chemistry, love, emotion, feels, OMFG
-Kissing stops
-Adalinds eyebrow shoots up to her hairline
-They confess that they have been thinking about the possibility of becoming a couple
-They have been thinking about it, like, a lot
-"Nothing about us is safe"
-Adalind tells Nick if anything does ever happen it should be about them
-Noises - Trubel is back

And then I replayed it until my ovaries fell out and my heart exploded. But as both of them said, a relationship between them (as much as I'm craving it) would be complicated...

1.) Although they already make a family and are Nick's soft spot, his growing feelings for Adalind put an even bigger target on their backs. Imagine what could happen if they were a couple.

2.) Nick's friends - how accepting of Adalind are they going to be if Nadalind becomes a thing? We all know that Nick takes their advice very seriously. It would be harder to be a couple if your group of friends can't accept your new girlfriend.The past is the past, as many like to put it, but memories are also memories. And with them comes pain. Adalind of course isn't to blame alone, many events had impacts. But will they be able to fully move on? It's not about them anymore, but also about Kelly. You know, kids first.

3.) Adalind slept with Hank and Sean. Wouldn't that kind of be a little awkward?

4.) Kelly is the newest bomb to land on them. Baby bomb! They will go through typical parenting problems like any other couple. They will bond over that; they already are. I just think that they shouldn't start anything because they think it's best for Kelly. I understand the need to give Kelly a normal upbringing (as normal as possible, let's not forget that we still don't know what powers Kelly could have) As Adalind put it best, it should be about them and not anything else. 

5.) Meisner. Something about the last episode makes me think that he may have feelings for Adalind. What about her? 

6.) Juliette/Eve. Will they explore the avenue of Eve remembering Juliette's feelings? It's already complicated enough with Nick's surprise of seeing Juliette/Eve. He spent so much time with her, he wanted to marry her. And then everything went south. Even if he gets over her, will he really be able to move on? Will he carry the guilt of being part of the cause behind Juliette's death with him? Eve being around won't necessarily help with all of those unresolved feelings. 

7.) Adalind is a Hexenbiest. Eventually her powers will return. It will change things, even if she doesn't want to. Either she finds a way to get rid of them for once and for all, or Nick and her will have to figure out a way to accept her "true self".

My final advice as Nadalind's Couples Counsellor for the day: Nick, Adalind, take it slow! I want you to become a stable couple, so take your time. Figure things out - together. Talk openly about your feelings and your concerns. Become a couple that can fight together. For that, you need to become a team.

What do you think? Will it work between them? It has been confirmed that Nick and Adalind are heading towards romance, but will it last? Can it last? Are you worried that the writers may want to bring Eve/Juliette into the picture?

I would be happy if you would share your thoughts on the matter with me - in the comment section or on Twitter! Let me know what you think and feel free to add your opinion/thoughts/concerns with me and the Grimm community! 

This is the end of the first edition of Couples Counseling. If you have any specific wishes for the next couple, let me know! Until next time!

Click here to watch the full kiss scene!

I have decided to feature a fan video for every couple I write about, so here's my pick for Nadalind: