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Mr. Nobody // Quoteworthy

Mr. Robot // Quoteworthy

Moonlight (2016) // Quoteworthy

Mr. Nobody Review

It's a wonderful feeling when a film sticks with you, days, weeks, even months after you've seen it. Mr. Nobody was one of those rare gems that triggered something in me: I started to think about my life and the choices I've made so far. Can we really choose our own path? This is only one of the many questions posed in Mr. Nobody, a film which is now one of my favourites. (Trailer included below)

As I announced in my New Film Resolutions post, which is a list of films I want to watch in 2017, I am going to be writing about my initial thoughts and feelings towards every single movie on the list. This is an anual project, so definitely go and check out the list to see if you're interested in reading more in the future or if you just want to discover some new movies.

Here's the thing: when I first saw Mr. Nobody I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know what it was about. Instead of reading reviews beforehand, I decided to jump in blindly and it was the best d…

Couples Counseling: Archie, Betty & Veronica / RIVERDALE

Another year, another show, another Valentine's Day just around the corner! Which means, love is in the air (feel free to sing the song to get into the spirit). And what content on this blog can you, dear friend of the Internet, expect at such a time? That's right, we're back for round 2 of my Valentine's Day series Couples Counseling, where I write about your favourite definitely complicated couples on TV. What better way to introduce a new show everyone is raving about on my blog, than feature the already apparent love triangle on the CW series Riverdale. 

For those of you who are new to this blog, but enjoy this kind of posts, I'll leave the links to last year's Couples Counseling sessions below. But right now, let's get this session started. As always, I'll be playing counselor, but you can add any personal opinions, tips or feedback in the comments below. If you don't have a Valentine, then what better way to spend your time by giving advice to …

Short Film: BALANCE (Lauenstein Twins)

Five men. One box. This simple Academy Award winning short film by Wolfgang and Christoph Lauenstein from 1989 is a true masterpiece.  In a strange world, five strange men discover the destruction greed can cause. And as the last man standing wins the object of interest in a battle of life and death, the object he was so determined to have for himself, he realises that it is merely that - an object. 

The men - Voldemort's family?

These men are prisoners in their own world. Prisoners lacking individual personalities. Instead of names they have numbers. They are trapped in this cell without walls with just an empty void around them. 5 prisoners with a mysterious box. Wanting to inspect it for themselves, they take turns. But when it becomes apparent that the 'greedy one' out of them wants it for himself, the 'wise one' tries to push the box over the edge. Launching themselves into action, they fight over the box, one man down after the other. When all except one are go…